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Our mission is to help our customers transform the nuisance of computing obsolescence into just another manageable business function. We do this by providing custom tailored, workable and reliable solutions to the problems and issues created by last-time-buy (LTB) and end-of-life (EOL) notices for all manufactures who utilize integrated electronics in their products. With our extensive industry experience, we understand not only the most common impacts of obsolescence across all industries but also the unique considerations of specific industries. No other company or organization has more experience providing long-term support for the computing and industrial products on which you so heavily rely.

Obsolescence, DMSMS, End-of-Life, and Product Lifecycle Management: No matter the challenges you face- this is our only business and we are proud of our accomplishments and the professional community we have helped to create.



Energy & Power

Unplanned downtime can be a costly inconvenience. Estimated at costing power generators significant losses in revenues or capacity. Improving reliability requires timely identification of underperforming assets and providing a prompt quality solution. Without having a proper oboslesence management ...

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Military & Aerospace

As product lifecycles are stretched to their limits, managing obsolescence is a fact of life in today’s business. It can no longer be ignored. Federal acquisition reform, counterfeit parts proliferation and DoD standards- combined with adopted commercial industry standards, and pressures c...

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Industrial Automation & Manufacturing

The Industrial Automation and Manufacturing Industry The Industrial Automation and Manufacturing industry continues to experience new opportunities for growth. In fact, this industry plays a critical role in both the global economy and in our daily experiences: Especially how we produce and supp...

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Pharmaceuticals & Medical

With decades of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical industries, we offer creative technology solutions for today’s manufacturing companies. We understand that you face regulatory scrutiny, certification and the need for the highest operational efficiencies. That’s why our solut...

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Semiconductor technology is necessary in the manufacturing and production of equipment within industries such as government, military, aerospace and other mission critical applications and is foundational piece to all of technology. Products within this industry need to be continuously undergo upgr...

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Transportation is the fundamental life-blood of our economic vitality. Utilizing a variety of rolling stock and infrastructure—ranging from the comparatively older to the ultra modern, the Transportation Industry serves a broad range of needs and continues to meet the growing demands on our ...

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