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Semiconductor technology is necessary in the manufacturing and production of equipment within industries such as government, military, aerospace and other mission critical applications and is foundational piece to all of technology. Products within this industry need to be continuously undergo upgrades. As electronic technology advancements continue to accelerate, semiconductor life cycles continue to shorten. This is where we step in to help prepare and overcome these complex challenges.

The average life cycle of a typical piece of semiconductor equipment is approximately 5,10 and maybe 15 years, which includes introduction, design-in, production, low-volume, and End-Of-Life (EOL) phases. Once a manufacturer discontinues a product and an EOL announcement is made, customers typically have 6 to 12 months to decide whether to place a last-time buy, or find an alternative solution.

Avoid Costly Inconveniences

These issues can create a costly inconvenience for customers, as it can be difficult to accurately forecast last-time buy requirements, absorb the additional inventory and storage costs associated with last-time buys, or find an available drop-in replacement. Because the EOL schedule does not typically support the continuing needs of all of its customers, especially those serving applications with long system life cycles, many companies are left in a difficult position.Their supply chains are interrupted, and they no longer have a reliable component source to meet ongoing production, maintenance, and repair requirements.

Companies supporting applications with long-term service requirements such as government, military, and aerospace, along with other Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), can also find themselves servicing and maintaining a product in the field for years without the support of an original semiconductor manufacturer. Faced with an uncertain supply and a steady demand, a customer might have few choices in finding an alternative source for the discontinued semiconductor, making EOL planning all the more vital and one of the many reasons our clients return to us to help them manage their obsolescence.

Solutions for the Semiconductor Industry

Since inception, we have offered the knowledge, services, and products you need to solve your electronics obsolescence issues and still remain competitive. There is no other company with more experience and understanding of the transportation industry challenges.


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