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Unplanned downtime can be a costly inconvenience. Estimated at costing power generators significant losses in revenues or capacity. Improving reliability requires timely identification of under performing assets and providing a prompt quality solution. Without having a proper obsolescence management program in place unplanned outages could cost millions of dollars in losses.

Avoid Costly Unplanned Downtime

We are aware of the challenges our customers face as they work to generate power from various sources like gas, coal, nuclear, wind, and solar and move electrons from the point of power generation to the end power consumer. When grid malfunctions occur, it often results in costly outages, possible equipment failures and if power generation assets are not operating optimally, money is left on the table. 

Solutions for the Industry

Our extensive Energy & Power industry expertise allows you to monitor, visualize, analyze, and diagnose the health of your equipment and you need to solve your electronics obsolescence issues and still remain competitive.  There is no other company with more experience and understanding of the Energy & Power industry challenges.

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