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Obsolescence Management

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Obsolescence Management

Obsolescence affects the entire supply chain, because of it, product lifecycles and system lifecycles don’t always align. Whether the products need a longer lifespan than the standard lifecycle of their components or because products get a second wind with added sales potential, customers often need ongoing repair and new builds for their “Obsolete” and “end-of-life” (EOL) boards.

In such situations, we can bridge the gap to help customers find a few more years of support or to sustain lifecycles of 25 years or more.

Our product portfolio features thousands of “new” and “obsolete” embedded boards, and we are always adding new products. Search our complete catalog of (insert form factors here) to find your product or contact us for products you need specific support for.

Our partners trust us because of our track record for delivering quality products to their customers. Through our relationships with Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs), we supply our customers by using the original processes and a networks created over decades. We also provide ongoing customer support and repair. If we need to resolve specific obsolescence issues on the board, recommended substitutions can often be made and tested without requiring complete recertification or redesign.


Our Anti-Counterfeit Program

Counterfeit component incidents are from parts subject to diminishing manufacturing sources, material shortages (DMSMS), and obsolescence issues. In some industries, it is possible for 50%-70% of components to become obsolete even before the program’s testing and design phase is complete. It’s no longer realistic to have a specialist engineer available for such jobs and, as the work force ages, there is a risk of losing these components and crucial brain required to keep legacy systems going.

Our solutions offer proactive planning, up-to-date industry best practices, and decades of experience working with leading legacy experts to ensure quality components and the resolution to your obsolescence issues.


Why Choose Us?

Maintaining electronic computer equipment in the field can be a challenging task, especially when faced with the industry paradigm that while the expected life of running systems in the field is getting longer and longer, the available life-cycle of the technology utilized is getting shorter and shorter.

We have a dedicated focus on long term support for older equipment that is in use by the Aerospace & Defense, Power generation, Mining, Medical, Energy and Telecommunications industries.

So, what happens when you need to keep the system running, what are the options when older equipment goes wrong and there are no spares?

We have created a secure trading platform for your industrial electronics solutions and demand. We are able to give full traceability and 100% guarantee on all devices.


1. Repair existing equipment. 
2. Source form, fit and function replacement of original equipment. 
3. Insert new technology to replace older equipment at board or assembly level. 
4. Completely re-design the older equipment on to new platforms or systems level.

We can work with customers who are faced with obsolescence issues in order to provide a professional and successful obsolescence management service.

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