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Embedded I/O Reverse Engineering

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How We Do It

We use the user’s manual for the product and as our design specification, ensuring we don’t use anything that is considered the proprietary information of the original manufacturer. Within a few months, we provide an evaluation unit that should begin to work as soon as it is installed in your system. 

In the testing phase, we clean up any errors in the evaluation unit we find with firmware modifications that can be applied by the end user with modification kit we provide. If necessary, one of our engineers can go on-site to directly assist in debugging the evaluation unit. On-site debugging normally takes no more than 1–2 days.


Protect your Product’s Longevity

We always include upgrades to the existing and/or obsolete products. The upgrades do not interfere with the backwards compatibility. Flexibility to alter the software to take advantage of the upgraded features or the customer may ignore them.

In situations where we design a drop-in replacement to the obsolete product, the customer’s obsolescence problem literally becomes our problem. Once we start work, the customer will not hear from us until we have the evaluation unit ready to ship. The customer’s involvement is simply to spend a few days testing the evaluation unit. Our remanufactured units work with the existing software and cabling. No system changes are required to the system.


Zero Risk Policy and a 15-Year Warranty

We provide repair, continuous customer support, manufacturing, and sustainment for thousands of End-of-Life and custom-embedded computer boards and systems.

There is ZERO RISK to you. Even in the cases where we have NRE charges, Atlas Automation does not submit an invoice until the evaluation unit is completely signed off on by the customer.

We will guarantee support for 15 years. We will never make one of our products obsolete without having a drop-in replacement available for our customers. If we don’t deliver, we don’t invoice

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