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Enhanced Repair Services

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Enhanced Repair Services are designed to minimize your downtime and simplify your return process, ensuring financial success for your company.

We  offer unique and customizable diagnostic and repair programs to fit any of your business challenges. We offer practical, cost-saving solutions for the challenges you face with supply chain obsolescence. We are readily able to support the diagnostics, inspection, and repair of industrial components in a professional and time sensitive manner.

We help you determine whether a Repair versus replace may be the solution for you by evaluating time, cost and availability of components to even successfully repair certain products.  Our extensive evaluation process will help you save time and money as we determine our success of repairs before you ship your products to us. If repair is not going to be the solution, our vast experience and supply chain will help find a solution to solve your challenges.

We most commonly support a variety of form factors. To include: Backplanes, Com Express, Com Basic, Daughter Cards, Full-Size Single Board Computers, Half-Size Single Board Computers, PICMG 1.0, PICMG 1.3, express ATX Cards, EBC Cards, Half-Size PCI, Micro ATX, PC/104, SOM Boards, VME, Industry Pack, PMC, Compact PCI and more.

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