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As product lifecycles are stretched to their limits, managing obsolescence is a fact of life in today’s business. It can no longer be ignored.

Federal acquisition reform, counterfeit parts proliferation and DoD standards- combined with adopted commercial industry standards, and pressures created by the economic realities of our time, have all worked together to create a problem whose complexity is only matched by its scope.

The critical needs of customers seem to contradict the mundane reality that you must individually negotiate the reliable, high quality supply of critical components on the open market. While the relentless demand for newer/faster technology drives on, market forces typically result in end-of-life (EOL) notices, especially in the world of COTS electronic components.

As governments look to reduce public spending, funding for Last-Time-Buys is increasingly being challenged.

Having an obsolescence management strategy firmly in place is quickly becoming a prerequisite for supplier selection.

The Challenge of DMSMS and Long Term Product Support

The speed and regularity at which obsolescence is occurring is astounding but not unexpected. OEMs and end users alike feel the constraining effects that DMSMS issues continue to create. This pressure creates an imperative to develop proactive solutions that will address these inevitable problematic supply problems.

In their challenge to produce successful bids, more and more manufacturers are seeing requirements for “Product Life-Cycle management” and “Obsolescence Life-Cycle management”.

This is only one of the reasons why leaders in the Aerospace and Defense industry have continued to rely on Atlas Automation year after year.

Solutions for the Military & Aerospace Industry

Since inception, Atlas Automation has offered the knowledge, services, and products you need to bridge the gap in your obsolescence issues and remain competitive. There is no other company with more experience or expertise in this area.

Atlas Automation has grown and developed as both a manufacturer of systems and service provider by understanding the full impact of obsolescence and DMSMS on our defense manufacturing customers- and on the wider Military and Aerospace industry.

As a result, Atlas Automation can help you stretch your investment in your defense applications without the need to upgrade, revise software or re-qualify before you (and your customers) are ready.

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