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  • Manufacturer: ACT Technico X

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ACT TECHNICO MVME5100-R VMEbus Processor Module - MPC7410 or MPC750 processor, 100MHz FSB, Dual Ethernet, 17MB Flash Memory, PMC and 64 bit PCI expansion slots

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ACT TECHNICO TVME3100-R VMEbus CPU Board with 2eSST protocol, Freescale MPC8540 PowerQUICC III; PowerPC e500 core, 2x Gigabit Ports, Up to 512MB of DDR333, USB 2.0, Serial ATA

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ACT TECHNICO MVME5500 VMEbus Single Board Computer - MPC7455 @ 1GHz, Dual Ethernet, Support PrPMCs, 512MB of on-board 133 MHz SDRAM ECC, Two banks of soldered flash memory

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ACT TECHNICO TVME6100-R VMEbus Single Board Computer - MPC7457 PowerPC processor @ 1.267GHz, Up to 1GB on-board DDR ECC Memory, Dual Gigabit Ethernet

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